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Get everything you need to start your 28-Adrenal Day Reset! 

Get the PaleoCleanse 14-Day Detox Kit and the Well World App to help you follow and track your progress - with complete meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and more!

Supplements Cost Extra

The 28-Day Adrenal PurePaleo Program

Complete Detox Kit

-14-Day Designs for Health VegeCleanse Plus Kit (your secret weapon!)

-Easy daily packets

-Shipped Directly to You!

Well World App Access

-Easy-to-Use Mobile App For Android & iOS

-Follow the nutrition plan for 28 days

-Track your nutrition, exercise, mood, meditation and more!

Everything you Need

-Daily meal plans

-Delicious Recipes

-Weekly Shopping lists

-Automated Reminders

-Integrate your health tracker!


Focused Support on Stress Management

Join the 4 week nutritional adrenal reset program to lower stress and feel nourished 


Jen Hardie

Dr. Jen Hardie is a Naturopathic Doctor & functional medicine practitioner. She is the founder of ZenVita Wellness, an online community to help women reconnect to themselves and heal their hormonal imbalances and metabolisms naturally. 

Jen founded ZenVita Wellness, after years of feeling like she wasn't getting any answers with her health, she went to naturopathic medical school, where she found the solutions through functional and lifestyle medicine. Understanding the body as a whole and putting together the pieces for her patients is what sets her apart.  

Setting your body up for success begins with establishing the foundations.

dr jen hardie

Here's Why You Will Love This Reset

Increase Your Focus And Detox Your Body

Women encounter on average 168 chemicals per day. Our liver is responsible for safely clearing toxins from the body, but it is also responsible for metabolizing and clearing out our hormones. Our bodies run on an average 28 day clock with hormones fluctuating throughout the month. When we aren't taking the time to really pay attention to our bodies and supporting our livers we may notice hormonal imbalances. 

Foods For Your Health & Hormones

This Reset makes it easy to get feeling great again! It's the foundation to better skin, energy, mood, mental clarity, digestion, and optimal weight. A program that includes whole and fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fat and healthy fibre. Recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free. (Good for: Low sugar, heart healthy, clean eating, gluten free, dairy free). In addition to the detox supporting supplements delivered right to your door. Easy to follow, extra accountability to give you the best results! 

Our hormones work in harmony with one another - they make us feel motivated, energized, focused, sociable. When they are out of balance, we will feel fatigued, foggy, prone to getting sick frequently, lack of motivation, zapped libido, and a rollercoaster of emotions/ moods. 

After this 28 Day Reset, you will be well on your way to feeling great and on the right track to balancing your hormones.