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Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is it? 

Acupuncture is a modality used to stimulate qi within the body 

It is based on the premise that a blockage or disturbance in the flow of the body's life energy, or "qi," along the pathways called meridians, can lead to health concerns. By inserting hair-thin needles to specific acupuncture points throughout the body, this restores the flow of qi & balances the body's energy.

Acupuncture points are located in precise spots on the body. These spots when needled produce powerful healing functions such as reducing back pain, inducing sleep and calming the mind. Other points are inserted in carefully palpated area’s of pain which are known as “ashi” points. Needling certain points have been proven to do all kinds of amazing things in the body such as reduce inflammation, repair damaged nerve tissue and balance hormones.

Does it hurt? 

No, acupuncture is essentially painless. Some notice a slight dull aching sensation, which is completely normal.

Acupuncture reduces pain & stress in the body by increase the bodies natural painkiller endorphins.

Conditions managed using Acupuncture 

Reproductive Conditions

Female Hormonal Health 

Digestive Concerns


Stress & Mental Health Conditions