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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact 

Are appointments covered under OHIP?

No, Naturopathic visits are not covered under OHIP. They are covered under most extended health benefit plans, please check with your provider to know what is covered for you. 

Where are you located?

North London, Ontario

200 Villagewalk Blvd, suite 101, inside of Urospot. When you arrive for you appointment, please check in with the front desk at Urospot and Dr. Hardie will come get you from the waiting area. 

Do you do direct billing? 

No, we provide a PDF copy of your receipt to be submitted to your insurance provider.

We accept all forms of payment for in-office visits. 

How often do I need to come for visits?

Frequency of follow ups depend on your specific case. Typically we do the initial appointment, then follow up 4-6 weeks from then and get you on a low term plan. If we are doing acupuncture or BIE then follow ups are more frequent. Follow ups can be done either in-office or virtual depending on the case. 

What testing do you provide?

Blood work is most often done, we can gather a lot of information from blood. We also have access to functional lab testing such as dried urine or saliva for hormone testing and stool testing. Please note, testing is not covered through OHIP and usually not covered through insurance, please check with your provider. 

For more information, go to lab testing page

Can you see patients virtually all over Ontario?

Yes, Dr. Hardie can conduct consults online to any patient living within Ontario.